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Hope the boss leaves me complete !! :-))

Just 4 weeks old, I think I should have a career as a stud !!

Kindergarten Corner

A few of late 2012 drop calves, talk about peas in a pod.

Says something for the genetic strength of our bulls !!

Congratulations Jim & Janice Mackenzie !

Congratulations Jim and Janice on the purchase of Mr Mann, he has been our senior bull here at Jindavick for the last 3 years and unfortunately he has to move on. We wish you well with him and hope he can do for you what he has done for us.


(FERAL KID TAMES FERAL BULL) Thank you Darren and Kim for the photo !! Glad to see you have the bull under control and are still happy with him.

Van Noord’s Cattle

One of our satisfied customers, Mr Van Noord, graciously supplied us these pictures. You can find his testimonial on our testimonials page!

You’ll notice that all the calves are red, and are polled,  yet they have come out of a mixed mob of cows!

One of our Bulls

This bull was sold in 2007. He shows great topline, conformation, and EMA. He also has a great temperment!

Cow & Calf

The calf in this photograph just 30 minutes old and is already up and away !!

First Cross Senepols

This image is of an excellent first cross Senepol/Red Poll Heifer, just before being weaned.