About Us

What we do when we're not doing cattle work.We moved to our present location 25 years ago from Inverell (NSW). Venturing into tick and buffalo fly country made us look closely at the more the type of cattle we would use to best suit our property and local market rather than the breed. We’d always had a liking for red cattle, (having had mainly Shorthorns). Hence, we started with our home grown composite Red Angus X Sahiwal X Illawarra Shorthorn base cows over which we put Droughtmaster bulls. We were turning off excellent vealers, straight from mum and often topped the local sales. All was well until we wanted to keep heifer replacements sourcing the right type of bulls from the breeds we were using proved difficult. We wanted to maintain fertility, high maternal traits, milk and good temperament, along with a preference for keeping the herd polled. We did some research and decided to introduce the Red Poll. to the amusement of local experts in the throes of going bigger and better down the Euro track, or telling us that we had to have some yak in them to be any good around here.

Our objective was set we wanted cows that were feed efficient, early maturing, docile and produced a sappy calf every 12 months, good season or bad, and kept doing it for a long time. To this day we have never regretted our choice this tough, underestimated breed has many times surprised us(and local experts!), by their performance, not only in the paddock, but including several carcase awards from our very limited outings at the Brisbane Ekka and at Beef 2000. We are converts to producing saleable meat yield. Gradually our herd had come to be almost pure Red Poll through purchasing stud stock and use of Artificial Insemination over 15 years.

In the late 90’s we were introduced to Senepol cattle by Don Nicol. The Senepol seemed to be a natural progression for us to continue improving and expanding options using what we were already very pleased with. The immediate benefit we found was the slick hair factor although we had always selected our Red Polls for the finer coat type, they improved markedly within the first cross.

We now run purebred Senepol and Red Polls, plus their crosses. Due to the supply/demand factor and the cost of purebred Senepol stock, we have found a ready market for our graded F1 Senepol females and bulls.