Red Poll History

This hardy underestimated breed originated from East Anglia in England. The composition of this breed originated from the crossing of the Suffolk Dun, a well known early dairy breed noted for its milk quality, high butterfat content and carrying the dominant polled gene and the Norfolk Red, a more heavily muscled breed known for its early maturing.In 1863 the name Norfolk & Suffolk Red Polled cattle was adopted and the first standard description was agreed to in 1873. The first herd book compiled by Mr Henry Euren in 1874 and in 1883 the breed became know as The Red Polled with The Red Poll Cattle Society being formed in 1888.

By way of its decendancy the Red Poll is truly one of the original native ” dual purpose” breeds. To this day the Red Poll has maintained the genetic traits that so many people are seeking, such as fertility, (early puberty), docility,milk quality and quantity (quite often feeding a calf through until they calve again), short calving interval, and carrying a dominant polled gene as well !!

In NSW the first Red Polls surfaced in the very early 1800’s being imported with some Suffolk Duns and Norfolk Reds by The Rev.Samuel Marsden. 1918 saw the formation of The Red Poll Cattle Breeders Association of Australasia with the first herdbook published in 1921.